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I'm working on a new animated series with my friends. The only problem is that I'm worried the episodes will get removed since it's going to be animated more like the Improvable. Mostly where it's one picture for a few seconds and then the next as opposed to a full 30 to 60 fps.


Like, with no lip sync or anything. I mean, I'm aware shitty animations do get removed from Newgrounds if rated low enough.


I'm also concerned very BADLY about the voice actors, and usually how inconsistent they are.

As well as music production and such other.


But I'm just mostly worried I'm probably not doing it right. I figured most companies would animate the entire series before airing, but then I realize they get multiple animators to do it. I'm just hella nervous this one wont impress people.

My birthday

2015-11-08 15:23:43 by RetardedTacos

It's my birthday today!


Props for being a year closer to death!



fucking lost interest

2015-10-24 01:26:27 by RetardedTacos

So I lost a lot of interest in animation and art. Hoping I can get that shit back.

News Post

2014-07-14 15:07:07 by RetardedTacos

i luv cartoonz k thx